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Are you a startup looking for outsourced product development services?

We will develop and deliver software according to your time, budgetary and quality requirements. Are you a startup company? If so, take advantage of our 40% discount rate on IT delivery services.

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We are a rapidly growing IT company with over 10 years of experience in software development. Coders Center has offices in the US, UK, Switzerland and Poland. Our experienced team can help you with product development outsourcing across advanced IT technologies, including Java and .NET environments.

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I’ve known the Photon Team for about two years now. Two of the team have worked as employees for Coders Center previously and have proven themselves to be extraordinary talents. They have a great vision and are doing extremely well in achieving their goals. We are happy to support Photon's web presence and work as their IT partner of choice.


Tomasz Gibas

Coders Center is an IT Partner on the Photon project. Since the establishment of the Photon startup, Coders Center has assisted the business with providing officespace, IT equipment and IT support in terms of web development and other enterprise systems, developing readiness to manage mass production, customer support, ERP and CRM. Coders Center discounted their regular service price by 30% in order to help drive entrepreneurship. Both Photon and Coders Center are working collaboratively in making the Photon Robot project a success.

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Photon - Make your children's life better

We are a Technology Investor for Photon, and successfully helped them develop the Photon Robot

Coders Center are not only our business partners, but also our friends. Coders Center has supported us since the very beginning of the Photon project by offering their professional skills, creative ideas and a lot of private consultation and engagement support. They provided us with a safe space to work in with high quality IT equipment. Thanks to this cooperation, Photon has grown dynamically and exponentially and is on track to achieve bigger success than we ever expected.

We have been acting jointly with the team at Photon Entertainment from the beginning of the Photon Robot project, looking after both the safety and development of the enterprise. The effect of our cooperation is a rapidly developing company, ready to expand in both domestic and global markets.

At every stage of development, we provide comprehensive legal services, starting from consultations on the choice of a business form, through the creation of company organizational structures, and ending up with the ongoing protection of its functions to support sustainable and dynamic development of its products

Head of Legal Department

@ Coders Center


Photon Entertainment

Piotr Hanaj

Marcin Joka

Engaging Care

Engaging Care is a lifestyle shaping platform developed by Coders Center. Engaging Care was specifically created for supporting patients with diabetes to help them understand their disease and increase motivation to make lifestyle changes. The application was developed in NodeJS using web technologies.

Top Secret Post

Top Secret Post is a mobile application created using Java/iOS technology. Top Secret Post enables consumers to protect their privacy and safety when using internet messenger services.


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